Aside 8 Apr

The Reality of Decision-Making


Some proposed definitions of decision-making experts described as follows (Hasan, 2004):

1. According to George R. Terry

Decision making is the selection of alternative behavior (behavior) of certain of two or more alternatives.


2. According S.P. Siagian

Decision making is a systematic approach to the nature of the alternatives they face and take appropriate action according to the calculations is the most appropriate action.


3. According to James A.F. Stoner

Decision making is a process used to choose an action as a way of solving the problem. Notions of the above decision, it can be concluded that decision making is a process of selecting the best alternative from several alternatives systematically to follow up (used) as a way of solving the problem


4. According Sondang P. Siagian was quoted as saying by the GK. Manila in his book Management Practices in State Government, there four models of decision making that is:


a. Model optimization. Decision-making in order to obtain results which can be achieved and can not be separated from the limited resources no. This model is based on the maximum criteria,

probability, and benefits.


b. Models satisfying. Decision making is not solely through rationality and logic approach procedure but in reality, so that decision makers are satisfied with and proud when decisions taken are adequate to fruition.


c. Mixed scanning models. Decision-making that incorporates Among high rationality approach with a pragmatic approach.


d. Heuristic models. Decision making based on concepts entirely ynag held by decision makers that is based on his own views on the problem at hand.


While Bedjo Siswanto in his book Modern Management said there are two models of decision making that often there within the organization, namely:


a. Normative model, which is a model of decision making embody the manager about how he should take a group decision. These models have generally been developed by economists and other management scientists. One example of this model in educational institutions is about financial budgeting.


b. Descriptive models, ie models that explain the decision-making concrete behavior and this model has been developed by behavioral scientists Opinion for this article : I think the decision-

making must consider what will be decided to achieve maximum results as what is already

planned and could possibly reduce the risk of the impact of the decision-making.


1. behavior      : kebiasaan

2. approach      : mencapai

3. Notions       : pengertian

4. Government            : pemerintah

5. separated     : terpisah

6. embody       : mewujudkan

 Nama: Enfanriandi

Kelas: 1EA17

NPM: 12212503


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